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Our Company

Ceylon Gallery mainly focuses on handmade, authentic, and organic products of the world’s most beautiful island, Sri Lanka. In a nutshell, Ceylon Gallery brings the essence of Ceylones products to your hands. There, Ceylon Gallery offers an array of products such as handmade fabric, craft, organic products, handloom and batik fabrics, and many more!

Our Management

Sudarma Nilangani

Business Managing Partner

Service & Business Experience

  • Serviced CVS Pharmacy – Texas, Dallas as District Manager for 14 years.
  • Managed Sri Lankan Bathik & Handicraft outlet in New York, Long Island and California, Ventura Pacific mall for 5 Years.
  • Managing “Seven Eleven” outlets as a franchise business.
  • Managing Partner of Boom Lanka Bathik & Gifts LLC & Ceylon Gallery – USA

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We want to present a very impressive quality and natural product range for our valued buyers!

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